Peter Hawtin has spent over 20 years helping SMEs and some of Britain’s biggest brands such as AA, Asda, Egg, HBoS, ITV and RAC to transform their marketing return on investment (ROI). Peter works on B2B and B2C marketing in sectors as diverse as retail, insurance, FMCG, financial services, environment, distribution, legal, accountancy, IT and education.

Peter Hawtin’s profile

Pioneering web marketing since 1996

Prior to founding Brand New Way, Peter Hawtin was Director of Web Experience at Egg. He led the strategic and creative rejuvenation of – the heart and soul of the Egg proposition, and the personification of the Egg brand. Within three years of launch, Egg reached its profit target and acquired 1.9 milllion customers, mostly online.

Peter also led the strategic and creative development of one of the UK’s first e-commerce sites at the RAC. The site was an integral part of the RAC’s brand repositioning and it dominated the inaugral Revolution internet awards.

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

Life before marketing

Early in Peter’s career, he worked in production planning and technical research for General Foods, who at the time owned popular brands such as Birds (Birds Custard, Angel Delight, Instant Whip, Birds Jelly and Birds Trifle), Hollywood chewing gum and Maxwell House coffee.

At General Foods, Peter trained to be a coffee taster; studied engineering; was part of the team that developed new coffees for General Foods Worldwide; and gained the Institute of Packaging Diploma. He was also awarded the General Foods Corporation Award for Technical Innovation for implementation of a computerised pallet optimisation system that significantly reduced distribution and warehouse costs.

Peter then moved to Asda as a packaging technologist, and involved in the start of the new ‘Asda Brand’ project. He was promoted to Head of Asda Brand Packaging and managed a team of expert packaging technologists who launched over 12,000 Asda Brand products over the course of three years. This included pioneering the world’s first packaging project that took digital artwork to repro.

After four years in packaging, Peter became Asda’s Head of Advertising and Media and began his career in marketing.

Another side

Peter Hawtin on his motocross bike

Peter raced MotoCross at a national level between the ages of 10 and 17 and was a British Junior Grass Track Champion. The image below is of Peter racing a Suzuki aged 11. Nowadays, Peter is more of an ‘armchair racer’ being an avid fan of MotoGP but wouldn’t need much persuasion to race a MX bike again.

Peter has rediscovered the joys of the local gym and has become addicted to the RPM cycle group exercise.

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Peter’s associates

Website build and content management systems (CMS)

Tom Barnes of Barnes Graham

Since 2005, Bristol-based Tom Barnes and his team at Barnes Graham have provided the web build and CMS for many of my projects.

Web and newsletter content

Peter Brill of Net.Mentor

I first met Peter Brill from Bristol based Net.Mentor back in 1995 when we worked together at the RAC. Peter did a great job there as Head of PR. Since 2005, we have supported each other on many projects.

Design and corporate identity

Jeff Fuge of Objective Ingenuity

Wiltshire-based Jeff Fuge at Objective Ingenuity has provided me with design, corporate identity, copywriting and branding support for clients since 2005. Jeff creates hard-working visual and written communication that conveys the right messages in a compelling and convincing fashion.

“Some clients prefer a ‘one-stop shop’ and I work with a number of specialist internet marketing associates based in Bristol and Wiltshire to extend my range of internet marketing services.”

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

To learn more about how we can help you, talk to us today.

Peter Hawtin has generated a 26% improvement in the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional activity over the last twelve months.

ITV logoClare Salmon, Marketing Director, ITV

Brand New Way’s vast experience in digital advertising was invaluable to us. Peter is always great to work with, blending his vast experience and knowledge with a strong dose of pragmatism.

Thatcham Research logoNeale Phillips, Strategy & Development Director, Thatcham Research