You may have the best website in the world… but if your target leads canʼt easily find you, no web traffic equals no business!

3 steps to attracting more leads

1. Decide who you would like to target

Brands that try to appeal to everyone, usually end up appealing to no one.

You need to choose which valuable audience or audiences you want to target, and the specific problem they have that you are best placed to solve.

2. Develop a unique ‘brand thought’

With so much competition in most markets, success involves being distinct from your competitors.

To acheive this, you need to clearly and consistently communicate a compelling, differentiated brand thought to your target audience.

3. Make it easy for your target prospects to find you

Traditional interruption-based advertising is no longer affordable or effective for most companies.

But modern, cost-effective inbound marketing such as Pay Per Click advertising and search engine optimisation can make it easier for target leads to find you.

To attract more leads to your website, talk to us today.

I have been working with Peter Hawtin to generate new enquiries and business opportunities. In the first 3 months, we received 6 genuine enquiries that have led to quotations in excess of £750k and our first project order worth £158k.

Concept4 logoJohn Cook, Marketing Director, Concept4

We have been working with Brand New Way since 2008. Peter has helped us work towards our goals of attracting new business to our website and over the time we have worked together we have seen our return on investment grow.

Pattersons logoCaroline Eagle, Group Quality & Marketing Manager, Pattersons