Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making changes to your website that can have a significant effect on improving your Google rankings. Done well, SEO can help attract more web leads and enhance people’s experience of your site.

SEO is not about conning Google

Google – and search users – want search results to feature the ‘best’ websites for any given search term. SEO is not about trying to trick search engines into giving you a higher ranking than you deserve – and Google are very clever at ensuring that trickery fails to work or has a temporary effect.

Some companies fall into the trap of solely focussing on getting a high Google ranking with insufficient thought as to whether their web pages will appeal to the people they are targeting.

There is no point in attracting web visitors if, once they read your web page, it is unattractive to them and they exit your site without taking the action you would like them to.

SEO is about great ROI

Great SEO is about showcasing your content in the best possible way for search engines and your target audience – and that requires a deep understanding of both. Great SEO helps attract more of the right type of prospect. When done well, SEO will more than pay for itself.

This is why major marketers state that SEO provides one of the highest marketing returns on investment.

While SEO can be a one-off or stand-alone activity, the world doesn’t stand still. Over time, keywords and consumer desires change, new competitors enter the market, and existing competitors improve their own SEO. Regular SEO maintenance – and integration with the likes of Pay Per Click advertising – will further improve your results.

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We have been working with Brand New Way on creating more business from our web site. This is a refreshing and very useful exercise, where we continue to expand the business by new means… new clients… new business… new horizons!

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