Right now, there may be people who need your products or services but are not be aware of your company. The chances of them just happening across your website are slim. However, with Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising from Brand New Way, you can attract high-quality leads to your site at an impressively low cost.

Save £120 on your first PPC campaign with Brand New Way

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Pay Per Click advertising services from Brand New Way

PPC start up

We will develop a brand new pay-per-click campaign for you to quickly attract target leads to your website, leaving you to focus on your business without the distraction of trying to learn a new skill.

Importantly, it will help you avoid costly mistakes that novices frequently make when trying to learn how to develop and implement new pay-per-click campaigns.

Once the new campaign is under way, we can either:

  • train you to manage the campaign
  • transfer the campaign to our fully managed service

PPC campaign management

With this comprehensive service we take care of everything, including:

  • developing keywords likely to be searched by your target audience
  • deciding how much to bid for a click to your website from each keyword
  • writing compelling ad copy that fits the space text allowed by Google
  • choosing relevant landing pages that will maximise the conversion of web visitors into leads or customers
  • testing, tweaking and monitoring campaigns to deliver a great return on your investment
  • analysing campaign performance on a regular basis and making recommendations for improvement

PPC campaign reviews

This service is designed for companies who may have already set up PPC campaigns or may have an in-house resource but need more help to get better pay-per-click results.

We review your existing campaigns and will show you how to improve PPC performance.

These improvements may cover areas such as:

  • the keywords used
  • how much to bid for each keyword
  • ad copy
  • landing page strategy

To learn more about PPC advertising, talk to us today.

More about Pay Per Click

PPC is so effective because:

  • it’s targeted: you only advertise to people currently interested in what you are selling
  • it’s cost-effective: you only pay when people respond (i.e. when they click through to your website) and pricing is determined by a real-time auction in a perfect market
  • it’s fast: it is possible to get traffic immediately
  • you get more control and can choose:
    • how much you want to pay for a click
    • your daily budget
    • which keywords you are interested in
    • what time of day your ads are shown
    • which parts of the country/world they appear
  • you get great performance analysis helping to improve internet marketing return on investment and business performance

PPC can also be used to identify:

  • which keywords work best for SEO
  • which ad copy is most compelling for use in other marketing materials
  • whether there is a demand for a new product or service
  • which product name is most attractive to prospects

“I have used Google Adwords since 2003 as a cost-effective way to help clients attract web leads. Pay Per Click advertising delivers results that are hard to achieve in any other way, and can work for almost any type and size of buisiness.”

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

To learn more about PPC advertising, talk to us today.

We have been working with Brand New Way since 2008. Peter has helped us work towards our goals of attracting new business to our website and over the time we have worked together we have seen our return on investment grow.

Pattersons logoCaroline Eagle, Group Quality & Marketing Manager, Pattersons

We have been working with Brand New Way on creating more business from our web site. This is a refreshing and very useful exercise, where we continue to expand the business by new means… new clients… new business… new horizons!

Procol logoNick Denning, Director, Procol Limited