1) UK monthly market share based on visits

From Dec 07 to Dec 10:

  • Facebook’ share has significantly increased from 21% to 57% of UK social media visits
  • YouTube has remained relatively static moving from around 15% to just over 17%
  • Twitter has moved from near zero to 2.3%

Source: Experian Hitwise

2) 44% of UK internet users aged 16+ have set up their own social networking site profile

UK social network share of visits

  • doubled over the period 2007 to 2009
  • largest rises amongst 25 to 24’s
  • 48% of women have set up a profile compared with 40% of men

3) Social networking users becoming more security conscious

Comparing 2007 with 2009, the percentage of UK social networking site users:

  • with open profiles that could be seen by anyone reduced from 44% to 17%
  • with profiles that could only be seen by their friends increased from 48% to 80%