PPC remarketing is a powerful way to reach prospects and improve sales conversions.

The vast majority of website visitors do not buy on their first visit. They might be just researching or prefer to visit competitor websites first and forget to return, or just get distracted. PPC remarketing is a great way to ‘reach / follow’ people who visit your website and haven’t converted yet.

Remarketing example
One of my clients sells products online to B2B & B2C customers. It’s a relatively new brand with >90% of the marketing budget allocated to pay per click advertising and transaction values typically range from £25 to £200.

I have set up a campaign that ‘follows’ unconverted visitors for up to 30 days. When they visit another site that incorporates Google display advertising, they see a ‘reminder’ ad featuring my client’s brand. The campaign is working well and cost effectively delivering additional customers and sales revenue.

It’s possible to limit the number of ads that people see so they don’t become irritated.

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