New data from comScore shows that in March 2008, 221 million Europeans did 24.5 billion internet searches, averaging 111 each. The UK had the highest number of searches in Europe with 4 billion searches, an average of 124 per user.

The market is dominated by Google who had a 79% share of European searches with Yahoo & Microsoft each having just a 2% share.

Does your web marketing strategy reflect the huge demand for UK internet searches?

I am still surprised that too many companies (big or small) do not have a strategy to attract web leads. I use 6 different web marketing attraction strategies which include SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Often, clients say that PPC is not right for them because they think it’s not right for their sector or that they personally ignore PPC ads, believing everyone else must do too. I usually respond by saying “Let’s give it a try” and set up a test campaign with a small budget. So far, the trials have always successfully demonstrated improvements in Marketing ROI

One recent example was for a Business to Business company who was pretty sceptical about PPC. Initial results are showing a significant uplift in attracting targeted prospects at a very low cost per click.  I am particularly encouraged that we are attracting ‘high quality’ prospects who searched using their competitor brand names, (i.e. enticing competitor prospects) following the recent change in Google’s Trade Mark Policy.

If you have a website, make sure you have a web marketing strategy in place to attract targeted prospects. As the new data proves, SEO & PPC both have an important and growing part to play.