Even the best email marketing campaigns do not achieve a 100% open rate. It may be that recipients were on holiday or out of the office or just too busy to read the email that day. They may have left it in their In-Box with the intention of opening it later but never got around to it. So they may have missed out on reading something highly relevant.

Unless the email was especially time sensitive (e.g. ‘50% sale tomorrow only!’) , I would usually resend my clients’ campaigns to people that haven’t opened the original email after a set period. A good proportion usually open the 2nd email which more than covers the cost. This is one of the strategies I use to increase marketing ROI.

I am sorry I didn’t read it first time round!

If the data is available, I always personalise my email campaigns with a first name e.g. ‘Dear Ronnie‘. Typically my opening line would be something like ‘In case you missed it, we are resending our recent newsletter. So far the x most popular sections are…

What’s interesting is the response. The reminder email is usually perceived as an helpful personal reminder (especially for B2B) and we quite often get a response saying something like ‘Sorry I missed it first time. Thanks for the reminder.’

So, high volume email campaigns don’t have to appear robotic and can still deliver a personal touch. Use reminder mailings to get a second bite at the cherry.