The American DMA economic impact survey shows email marketing delivers the best ROI. Based on research with major marketers email marketing delivered a whopping $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. This is over the double the return of non-internet marketing ($19.97).

Although, the research is likely to be ‘biased’ towards larger companies, unlike conventional media like TV & press, email marketing is something that all companies (big or small) can benefit from.

For example, for one of my mid size clients, I develop and send around 2,000 emails per month to senior managers in large corporates across 90 countries. It keeps their brand in their clients and prospects mind once a month and provides a cost effective channel to announce and cross sell new products. The average delivery rate exceeds 98% and the unsubscribe rate is less than 0.3%.

Key learning for companies large or small

  • Would you benefit from a cost effective way of keeping in touch with clients and prospects on a regular basis?
  • What content would deliver value to readers to engage them and avoid unsubscribes?
  • How many products / services would you need to sell to cover the cost of the email marketing programme?
  • Do you have the technical and marketing expertise in-house to develop compelling email communications that deliver a good marketing ROI?
  • If not, contact an email marketing expert to help