With the right email system, it’s possible to carry out split tests to find out what works and what doesn’t

Experienced direct marketers know the benefits of carry out split testing. This is where you change one or more parts of a marketing communication such as a headline, or proposition or image to see which version gets the best results.

With traditional marketing such as direct response press ads or letters, this best practice was mostly done by larger companies with adequate resources and budgets. Results were often difficult to measure, took time and added complexity and cost. However, over time it was possible to identify that headline A with image B and call to action C produced say a 20% increase in conversion. The company could then choose to get 20% higher results with the same budget or the same results with 20% less budget or some other combination.

With an advanced email system, it’s now possible to implement best practice split testing without hassle, cost and time delays. e.g. With Brand New Way’s Professional email system it’s possible to split test:

  • subject lines
  • from address
  • friendly from name
  • email content

It takes minutes to set up and you choose:

  • how many versions you want to test (2 – 4 is best for most tests)
  • how many people you send each split test version to
  • how long you want to run the test for e.g. 24 hours after send
  • whether the test results are based on email opens or clicks

At the end of the test the email system automatically sends the winning email version to the remainder of the list and provides detailed reporting.

Split testing is available with Brand New Way’s Professional Plus email system