Joanna Shields, Facebook’s EMEA vice president gave some examples of how UK media companies are making use of Facebook at a Financial Times Digital Media & Broadcasting conference earlier this month.

Facebook is one of the key social media channels, and Ms Shields revealed that Facebook now has over 30 million UK users and significantly, half return each day.

TV show, The X Factor averaged around 1 million Facebook comments during programmes which shows how people are increasingly using more than 1 media channel at the same time. From the show’s perspective Facebook (and Twitter) comments heighten interest and hype which the show depends on and presumably leads to higher viewing figures.

Similarly, Channel 4’s Million Pound Drop has 10% of the audience playing along on the programme’s Facebook page during the show.

In press, Facebook plug-ins led to a 700% increase in referrals to the The Independent’s website.

Source: BrandRepublic>