PPC remarketing is a great way to reach customers and improve repeat sales.

Not all customers are loyal customers who come back and buy again and again. Some customers may want to trial another brand or just forget about you. PPC remarketing is a great way to ‘reach / follow’ people who have purchased from your website and haven’t repurchased after a specific time period.

Remarketing example
One of my clients sells products online to B2B & B2C customers. It’s a relatively new brand with >90% of the marketing budget allocated to pay per click advertising and the repeat purchase period is typically 30 – 90 days.

I have set up a campaign that ‘follows’ customers 30 – 90 days after their last purchase. During the specified time period, if they visit another site that incorporates Google display advertising, they see a ‘reminder’ ad featuring my client’s brand. The campaign is working well and cost effectively delivering additional customers and sales revenue.

Once someone makes a repeat purchase they are excluded from seeing any more display ads for another 30 days. It’s possible to limit the number of ads that people see so they don’t become irritated.

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