Google Analytics is a great way to identify what’s working and what isn’t with your internet marketing. The new upgrade includes:

Revised Site Search report
You can now connect your website searches with your key performance indicators through e-commerce, goals and AdSense revenue and see how site searches for specific items impact on overall. e.g. site searches for ‘men’s snow boots’ might convert especially well and indicate that the product should be featured more prominently or the navigation / site structure improved.

Use of breadcrumbs to improve usability
It’s now possible to change a dimension by navigating sideways in all reports rather than having to navigate back in one direction

Pages report now includes InPage Analytics tab
New tabs have been added for In-Page reports alongside the Pages and Navigation Summary which makes it much easier to switch views to compare data for a specific page.

My initial view is that these improvements all help to gain a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.