One of the ways Google AdWords helps to optimise PPC performance is by allowing users to test different ad versions. This can help identify which ad copy performs best. Until now, there were two options:

  • Rotate: where ads are shown evenly e.g. With three ad versions, version one is shown for the first impression, version two for the second impression, version three for the third impression and back to version one for the fourth impression
  • Optimise for clicks” where the ad expected to provide more clicks is shown more often

Google have just announced a new third ad rotation setting that enables you to optimise for conversions. In this case, the ad shown more often will be the ad expected to provide more conversions (which may not be the ad that delivers the most clicks).

To do this, you need to have set up Conversion Tracking on the account so that Google can collect conversion data in order to guide ad selection.

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