Unlike most traditional marketing channels, email marketing enables companies to rapidly distribute timely sales messages. With news that temperatures are about to plummet and with snow on the way, Halfords have just sent out the email below with the headline ‘Don’t Get Caught Out. It’s forecast to freeze.’

I suspect they had the content for the email on standby ready for the first cold snap of the season. Even if they hadn’t prepared it earlier, given how fast it is to prepare an email campaign, they could have prepared the email and sent it out the same day.

Deja vu

On checking, I noticed they used the same email headline last year.

If their database included customer addresses, then an advanced email system (like the one I use), could send emails to people in the areas forecast to get snow.

How could your business follow this email example? What potential event could trigger a timely email to your customers and prospects?

Halfords timely email example