Over the past year, social media has grown significantly. Recent research published by Experian shows that including social media links on emails delivers 5 times more forwards than just using a ‘forward to a friend’ link.

Key email marketing tips for companies (big & small) :

  • firstly, make sure your email campaign content is good enough for people to want to share. e.g. Is the content valuable, newsworthy or funny? Does it include a competition or a promotion?
  • Incorporate one-click social media links for the key networks like Facebook & Twitter
  • Include links to your own social media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to make it easy for recipients to find your social media content
  • In Dotmailers’ recent Email trends report analysing major retailers email marketing campaigns, the inclusion of social media was one of the poorest scoring areas. One third of retailers had no social media links and only 16% of retailers had ‘Share on social media’ links. Even more shocking, 7 major retailers failed to link to their blogs!

My advanced email marketing system incorporates email links to all the major social media networks. If you need help with emails, contact an email marketing expert