Google’s 2010 Q1 results continue to show strong growth with sales up 23% year on year.

2010 revenue increased to $6.8 billion with 66% coming from Google owned sites. Non US revenue accounted for 53% of the total with the UK share being 13% of total revenue.

Google’s revenue increase was partly due to:

  • an increase in volume e.g. paid clicks grew by 15% compared with the same period last year
  • an increase in value with average the cost per click up 7% year on year

Key learning for companies big and small

  • Google has continued to show significant growth during a world economic recession because it provides advertising that is both effective and importantly accountable unlike some other marketing channels – is your company missing out by not using Google PPC?
  • the increase in demand for PPC has resulted in an increase in cost measured as average cost per click – are you analysing PPC advertising effectiveness to ensure that you are not overpaying?
  • if you do not how to effectively set up, manage & analyse PPC advertising campaigns then find a PPC expert

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