UK Internet usage statistics

  • 70% of UK households (18.3M) had internet access in 2009
  • This is an increase of 11% (2M households) compared with the previous year
  • Just 21% of UK adults (10.2M) have never accessed the Internet
  • Prior to the survey, 76% of UK adults (37.4M) accessed the Internet in the previous three months which implies that the remaining 3% of UK adults last accessed the Internet more than 3 months before the survey
  • 63% of all UK households have a broadband connection but this represents 90% of households with an Internet connection
  • Source: Office For National Statistics

Worldwide comparison

  • Worldwide, the number of Internet users in Sep 09 was 1.7 billion
  • The UK has the 7th highest number of users
  • Source: Internet World Stats