How do users find your website?

In a recent US report, respected research company Forester highlighted the mix of web tools and methods increasingly used to find a website.

Forester asked users the question

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Search engine like Google still dominate results

Search engines top the list with 61% of respondents agreeing but interestingly this is lower than the 83% recorded 6 years ago.

Typing the web address/URL is the 2nd most popular but clearly, this would be more relevant for popular B2C brands.

Website links, word of mouth, print , TV & news story have significantly declined whereas newer areas like social networking (e.g. Facebook), blogs, Twitter & online forums / discussion groups have grown.

Key learning for companies big & small

  • has your website been search engine optimised to ensure good Google rankings?
  • is your web address memorable and displayed on all your communication materials?
  • do you have an email marketing strategy
  • do you make it easy for email recipients to share the email with their friends and family
  • do you have a strategy to get inbound links to your website?
  • do you have a social media strategy including Facebook, blogs & Twitter whenever appropriate?
  • do you carry out web analytics to track your web visitor sources to identify what’s working and what isn’t?