A new survey shows that despite the poor economic climate, online shopping continues to increase with 42.6% of UK consumers buying online at least once a week. The average online spend per shopper is £71 per month.

Why do consumers shop online?

Price was the biggest factor with 60% of respondents agreeing to the statement ‘I believe I get better bargains online.’

The second factor being convenience with 51% agreeing to the statement ‘I like the convenience of having items delivered’.

Choice was the third factor with 39% agreeing with the statement ‘I believe there is more choice online.’

What barriers deter customers from buying online?

The key barriers identified are:

  • poor images and product descriptions 42%
  • poor navigation 32%
  • items unavailable 26%
  • concerns about payment security 26%
  • no contact details 18%
  • long checkout process 18%

Do any of these barriers apply to your website?

The survey was carried out with 2,000 UK shoppers by eCommera