In January I started work for a new client called OATS who wanted to reposition their business. OATS are based in Swindon and offer a world-leading lubricants database service to many of the globes leading brands.

This involved working closely with the Chairman to develop a range of solutions including a new brand positioning, new corporate identity, new brochures, new email marketing campaigns, new website and a new web marketing strategy including search engine optmisation (SEO).

All of the components were joined-up with the new brand proposition Lubricants Database Experts being powerfully communicated in all elements. Whether a customer or prospect sees an email or their website or a brochure they see a clear and consistent message of how OATS can solve their problems.

Google Rankings No 1, 2 ,3 & 4 in just 2 months

The website was launched in July and in just 2 months our Google rankings are:

Key learning for companies large or small

There have never been more ways to spend your money on marketing than today. Successful marketing is about making the right choices:

  • Choosing the right audiences to target
  • Choosing the customer problems you want to solve
  • Choosing the right (web) marketing strategies. No one has the budget to do everything. It is better to do a few things brilliantly than dabble in too many things or the latest fad for the sake of fashion
  • Choosing the right partner who can offer a range of expert services. e.g. Do you really want to work with one company for branding, another for corporate identity, another for email marketing, another for the website and another for PPC and another for SEO?
  • If so, do you have the expertise in-house to effectively manage and integrate all your agencies? Even some of Britain’s biggest brands can find this a challenge? If not talk to a web marketing expert
  • To achieve a high Google search ranking is not about cheating or dodgy unethical techniques. It’s about a well thought out customer-focused positioning that is clearly communicated through great content, good web design and smart web strategies so Google understands what your business is about.
  • There can be no guarantees and there are some external factors (such as competitor activity & changes to the Google algorithm) outside your control.

This case study for OATS shows what is possible to improve Google rankings in a relatively short time.