New survey shows UK businesses are forecasting extra online sales due to exports.

In a recent PayPal survey of 900 small and medium sized business customers

  • 81% already sold overseas
  • 65% say less than 25% of their revenue comes from exports
  • 25% expect to increase their online sales this Christmas as a result of international demand for British goods and services

An earlier PayPal survey showed the UK was the 2nd most popular online shopping destination for buyers in China, the US, Germany, Brazil & Australia.

Key learning for businesses big and small:

  • is your website available in other languages? One of my clients has a China website.
  • do you include shipping costs for other countries?
  • do you capture leads and follow up with smart email marketing in their language? For one of my clients, I produce a monthly email marketing newsletter that is broadcast to 95 countries. It is also available in Mandarin for China readers