Helpful hint: just because you have an email address, doesn’t give you the right to send irrelevant messages to your prospects and customers. It will irritate them!

Email marketing example - Up My Street

I subscribe to emails from Up My Street to get local news e.g. updates to local house prices. Two months ago, I blogged about them sending me an email which was irrelevant and at risk of damaging my ‘relationship’ with them. This morning, I received the email above from them.

I don’t know if they sent it out to everyone on their data base: if so why? If they sent it out to a segment of their database I am even more confused as to what they data they hold to make them believe I would be interested in investing in Ukraine farmland, other than I live in a rural area.

As I blogged in November ‘On the face of it, taking some money for offering access to your customer database may seem a good idea. However, if the message from the company receiving access is at odds with your brand, a small short term return may be offset by a large long term liability through lost customers. Such email marketing is likely to damage a business.’

For me that’s 2 strikes. I more and they’re ‘out’!