Is your web web-analytics-page-exit-ratescontent
working as hard as it could be?

Too many people launch a website and move on to other marketing or business activities.Firstly, it is rare that web page content (e.g. copy and use of images / video) cannot be improved soon after launch. Individual pages may have been developed in a rush or perhaps may not work as part of the overall website context. Take a fresh look 2 – 4 weeks after launch.

Do your key landing pages effectively communicate your brand thought?

Given improved search and the increase in social media it is less likely that visitors will always land on your home page. Do your key landing pages help communicate your solution?

Are important keywords used well?

Assuming you have done your keyword research, have you sprinkled your keywords throughout your page content in an appropriate way that aids on-page optimisation but importantly also works well for the reader?

Is your page content consistent?

Website visitors will often not know as much about your product / service / subject as you do. Are you describing your solution in a consistent way across the website. People may not get it first time, so consistent use of page content can help reinforce the message.

Is your page content as clear as it could be?

Have you assumed too much of your website visitor? Have you used industry or company or technical jargon that may be confusing. When I was working with Egg, mobile phone technical and sales staff referred to WAP as if it was common knowledge throughout the country.

Is your page as concise as it could be?

This doesn’t mean that all pages have to be very short. I am quite happy to browse a longer page if the content is useful and / or interesting. Whether the page is short or long any superfluous content needs to be cut.

Does each page have a compelling call to action?

Of course, HTML links give web visitors the freedom to choose whichever link they want to click or even to exit the site. However, there needs to be a real purpose to each page as part of the journey to achieve your desired objective whether this is an online sale or to capture a lead or to encourage repeat visits etc. For each page, you should have a clear idea of what you want your web visitor to do next.

Regularly review page content

I recommend you review page content 2 – 4 weeks after launch. Better still review page content on a regular basis. Depending on how crucial the website is to your business performance the reviews could be done monthly or quarterly but certainly don’t leave it longer than a year.

Get feedback on the page content from colleagues and customers but also review web analytics to make sure your know what’s working and what isn’t.

Remember…web marketing is about solving customers’ problems profitabily.